Woohoo, Happy New Year!

You know what this means?  We are starting our Finish Along 2018.

  Round 1 starts NOW!

Any time this week until Saturday night post a picture of your Finish Along 2018 intentions. What are you declaring that you will finish in Round 1?  Which of your projects will you complete to what point.

Will you piece 100 blocks together to make a quilt top?  Will you complete a quilt all the way to binding and quilt label?  Will you label all your previous quilts?  Will you make enough cards for this years birthdays? Will you crochet a square a week for all of Round 1?  Will you catch up on those BOM’s? Will you knit, stitch, bake, crochet, cross stitch, scrap book ….

Whatever craft you do, are you prepared to publicly declare that you will finish one or more of your projects?

Check out my advice about making Smart Goals. Be realistic about what you will achieve and make this fun and totally achievable. Should you finish all on your list, then of course keep going but you could also start a new project as well.

Dates for Round 1

Round 1 January, February and March.

1-6th January – post declaration. Share a picture of your projects and tell us what they are and how much you plan to achieve.

7th Jan – 20th March – post progress pictures.  2 pictures for each project you declare to finish, so if you say you are going to finish 3 projects then we’d love to see at least 6 pictures.

21-27th March – post finished project picture.  And we will be cheering your success!


Hashtags make it easier to find your pictures.  Please use the hashtags #ssqfinishalong2018 #ssqfinishalong2018round1

Where do I post my pictures?

Join me in The Sunflower Garden group on Facebook and share your pictures there and/or follow me on Instagram.  I’ll be sharing in both of these social media places.

Join me

This is my first major event so I am really keen to see all your pictures and hear the stories that go with the projects.

I will be cheering you all on and madly completing my own projects, speaking of which, I’d best go make a decision on which ones I’ll be working on.  See ya soon.


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