A story of planning, frustration and good friends.

When you sew, you collect fabric and can always see the usefulness of that bit of fabric that’s left over from a project.  When you sew, people who know this give your their leftover fabric as well.  When you sew, you buy fabric because it looks sooo good, and then you need a place to store that fabric.

Add to that scenario that you are a longarm quilter and stock fabric for backing and sewing and wadding and then you have even more extras that can build up.


Oh my goodness, my room had become a mess as I was so busy quilting that nothing else was dealt with.  I would start a project and not get it finished, I had wadding scraps piling up, magazines from years ago that I never looked at anymore.  I was too busy quilting to make the project in them that i bought it for in the first place.   I was not happy with the flow of my room and where my supplies were located.

This picture above was my ‘storage room’ where I kept some backing fabric but mostly the quilts waiting to be quilted and STUFF that we had held onto for a really long time.  I could barely walk through there and it was getting worse!

It was time to sort all this stuff and make things look and work better.In between all this I was working on quilts and running a business. Not a good way to end the year. It was time to make some changes.  I had been mulling over a tidy up and sort through, chuck out and was mentally in a good place to tackle this project.



Did that get your attention?  You’re thinking “What is she on about?” aren’t you. I’m sharing a sewing hack today. A few weeks ago my MIL asked if I had a nightgown pattern and could I help her make a nightie to take away with her. Knowing what I needed to do in these few […]

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Want me to quilt for you? My aim to to keep you informed of my quilting schedule so you know when you might need to contact me to book in a quilt.  I have the ethos that I prefer you to book in your quilt even if you have not yet started it. Even if […]

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Wow, the Christmas holiday time went pretty fast here.  We had a great Christmas day with family and my kids got to see their cousins and grandparents and other extended family. Studio Shuffle I’ve been mulling over a shakeup to my quilting studio for a few months now and had to wait until the end […]

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There’s a blog hop happening that is a little different to the ones I’ve seen before.  This one is designed to be ongoing with more bloggers tagged to then share about themselves and their creative processes. I have been tagged by the wonderful Angie from Gnomeangel to tell a little about my creativity and show […]

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Hi Everyone, a scheduling mistake, or a technology mistake on my part and the 2nd and 3rd parts of the Mug Supper cloth did not become available as I said they would.  They are now available and the 4th part is properly scheduled for the 10th April. If you have any questions or comments please […]

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We have finally got there, our website is up and operational! Our family traveled up to Warwick this Christmas to see Mum and Dad and catch up.  We spent some time sitting on the verandah watching the world go by and also working on the website.  We are very pleased to be able to say […]

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