Raylee quilting with her machine
Raylee quilting at her machine


My name is Raylee. I own and operate Sunflower Quilting. I have been sewing for most of my life, I remember practicing my spelling words while Mum sewed on her machine. That machine eventually became my machine. It was an Elna Lotus, a great little machine, it’s still going too. I actually don’t remember not knowing how to sew. I made some clothes for myself to start with and then moved on to some patchwork. I still have my first quilts, cut by hand using a cardboard template – not many corners match. The quilting, if you can call it that, consisted of buttons holding the quilt together. They are wonderful reminders of some items of clothing worn by our family as they are made from leftover fabric. Since then I have made quite a few quilts and other crafty items, and I love the creating process as much as using the completed item. These first quilts are a wonderful reminder that as quilters we all started somewhere and our skills grow.


Thomas and I have been married since 1995 and we have four boys aged 16,15, 10 & 9 years old. We have settled in Canberra and I use a studio in our back yard for my sewing and quilting. It certainly does keep the house a bit neater.

Machine Quilting

I have been sewing for many years I have collected just a few projects that needed finishing. In partnership with my Mum I purchased a short arm machine to complete these projects ourselves. I soon found that I was thinking on a bigger scale and after much research and web browsing and a visit to Sydney, I decided on the A-1 Longarm machine as I love the features it has. My husband, an engineer was impressed with it also. So after a trip to Sydney to the Quilting Symposium where I learned a lot from those already in the quilting business and was tempted by much fabric and numerous sewing items, my machine was delivered and set up in June 2009. That was a very busy weekend for us all.

Machine in boxes in garage Set up - putting table together Set up table - boys helping

A short time later after some practice on my longarm machine and having purchased some stock of threads, patterns and wadding, Sunflower Quilting was launched

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