Welcome to the Honey Bee Stitch Along Week 4

This week we are making the 19 hexagon units.

There are 7 embroidered panels to make into hexagons and 12 surrounding hexagons.  If a larger sewing session is not possible, we suggest a session of prepping the hexagons, then some sewing each day.

This possibly the most intensive week but if you break down the sewing into portions, you’ll have made all 19 hexagon units before the week is over.

What do you need this week?

You’ll need pins, clover clips if you prefer, a working sewing machine and threads to match your fabric, some patience to finesse the mitre corners, it’s not hard but make sure you fold neatly and pin well.

In the video I walk you through how to make the hexagons and where I found it useful to pin for easy sewing.

If you prefer to use fabric clips rather than pins, I show you how in this short video.

Sewing carefully without rushing and you will have no trouble making your hexagon units.

Enjoy Week 4 everyone.

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