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if you’d like to win a book, read through to the end.

A couple of years ago a lovely creative friend decided to write a book. Yay, Go Angie! The process was interesting watch from the sidelines and I leaned a lot, and I have a newfound appreciation for all that goes into writing a book, let alone a quilting/craft book.

The projects, the planning, the words, the long days (or nights) writing paragraphs of information that all make up the most excellent resource that is now available.  You should see the pages of great info Angie has included for you all. It’s like she dumped her brain into this book.

I was excited!

So when some of the projects in Angie’s book were in construction phase and I was asked to quilt them, this was a little scary and exciting all at the same time. This is going into a book, that’s being published!!! and lots of people will see…  It better be good, (my quilting that is). However the beauty of the projects are that the quilting is really a backup accessory to the fantastic fabric choices and designs that show them off.


It was HARD, really hard during the quilting phase, as I could not share any pictures on social media, I had to keep all the lovely pictures and details off the internet, they were going in a BOOK!  Can you tell I’m pretty excited that this book is here?! (more…)

Preferring to keep you all as in the loop as much as possible I will be posting a quilting schedule update each time my bookings tick over into the next month. How I work my schedule? Remember it’s my policy to take your booking even if your quilt is not finished yet.  Your chosen fabric […]

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Woohoo! Congratulations to all those who have made the 100 blocks during the sew-along just finished. I had a great time helping Lisa and Angie host this sew-along and now I’m keen to see your quilts done.  So let’s keep the party going and finish our quilts into tops or completed quilts.  I really don’t […]

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A short time ago Mum emailed me the link for the AQC – Lest We Forget Quilt Challenge and let me know the deadline for entries had been extended.  Well I thought, could I fit in a small challenge between client quilts.  Mmmm, yes let’s do this.  So we both made a small 10″ quilt […]

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Australian’s all let us rejoice For we are young and free… How many of you know the second verse to our national anthem, or even that it actually has 4 verses? I am really pleased that my kids’ school sings the first 2 verses each assembly.  The younger grades learn it quite fast.  I think […]

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